Dollar Baby Screenings

Dollar Babies are short films adapted from the stories of Stephen King. Mr. King granted a select group of students, aspiring filmmakers or theatre producers permission to adapt one of his short stories for $1. The term is used interchangeably to refer to the film or play itself, or the maker (for example, "The Sun Dog" was made as a Dollar Baby, or writer/director Frank Darabont was a Dollar Baby). The production budgets range from a few hundred dollars to over $60,000 (Umney's Last Case) and the film formats range from home video to professional 35 mm film. The Dollar Baby program officially ended on December 31st, 2023.

While the Dollar Baby program has ended, Mr. King has given KingCon special one-time permission to show the following Dollar Baby films!

The KingCon team would like to especially thank Paul Inman for all his help with coordinating our Dollar Baby event!

All That You Love
by Warren Duncan

by Steve Cooke

Here There Be Tygers
by Polly Schattel

Luckey Quarter
by Diana Russell

Luckey Quarter
by Robert Cochrane

by Rob Darren

October Roses
by Brandon Lazenko

One for the Road
by Michael Floyd

by Jay Holben

Popsy (2019)
by Jon Mann

Rainy Season (2017)
by Vanessa Ionta Wright

Survivor Type
by Chris Ethridge

Survivor Type (2012)
by Billy Hanson

That Feeling
by Paul Inman

The Doctor's Case
by James Douglas

The Monkey
by Spencer Sherry

The Woman in the Room
by Danny Donnelly

Vinton's Lot (2019)
by Jamie Dearden

A Very Tight Place
by Stephen Tramontana

by Dana Moe

One for the Road
by David Jester

My Pretty Pony
by Maciej Barczewski

Grey Matter
by Bolen Miller