The Stand Signed Limited "Coffin Edition" Giveaway!

We are pleased to offer this iconic signed limited to one lucky ticket holder

During the KingCon convention, we will randomly select one of our tickets holders to receive this book, as our gift and with our thanks, for all the support we have received this year.
This book's valued is estimated at over $5000 and has been stored in its original box this whole time!

This giveaway comes with the following:
  • #469 S/L Coffin Edition of The Stand
  • The original shipping box
  • The alternate brass plate
  • A letter from the publisher of the book

Can't be with us at KingCon in October? Still want a chance to win this gem? No Problem!

While we would LOVE for the winner to be present at the event in is NOT required.
The only requirement is that you own a KingCon 2024 admission ticket at the time of drawing.